Android Application

What is Android Development ?

Android is most popular mobile platform. Android devices are used in almost 190 countries of the world. Android is used in more than a hundred million mobiles in the world. These are largely installed system. The popularity of the android is increasing with every passing day. Millions of users look up for games, apps and various other types of content in the android. These are world class platforms for creating games and apps. We can see android user all over the world now-a-days.

Large base of installation

Android can be installed very easily with the help of open source Linux operating system and various other hardwares. There are almost 300 hardware, software and carrier partners for building large market of Android. More number of customers is joining android services. There is an enormous growth rate of the android system. It has become favorite system for both the customer and web developer. 1.5 millions games and apps are downloaded from Google play each month. Android is continuously developing itself for the benefits of the customers. Androids are pushing the boundaries of software and hardware to bring out new techniques for the mobile users.

Distributing Apps in open market

Google play is known for selling and distributing android apps and games. Google play is published to cater enormous installed base of the android. With the help of Google play, you can publish apps and games all over the world. The programmer can sell these apps and games wherever they want.

Android for the development of business

Android is an open source development therefore it can installed free of cost. Android is one of the loved applications of the customer. There are also few apps and games that are sold for a cost. Developers and markets are creating apps and games for making business. Android apps are also used for business advertising. These advertisements will help the developer to reach more number of audiences. Businessmen are investing a lot of money for the development of Android. Development of Android will also mean profit for these businessmen.

Creating waves with Android

There are number of development happened in the field of Android. The newest addition to the Android family is the Android 4.4 Kitkat. There are also Android 4.1 jelly bean and Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich in the market.

Android 4.4 kitkat

Android 4.4 kitkat is a customized mobile platform. It gives you flexibility to customize the appearance of the apps. It is also developed to re-introduce the brand in the market. There are various elements included in the Android 4.4 kitkat. They are progress bar, sliders, radio buttons, check box, scroll indicators and tabs. App’s launcher could be seen in every screen of the apps. Various elements can be included in the android 4.4 Kitkiat to popularize the branding and business of the service provider. With the help of the Android 4.4 kitkat you can see the apps in full screen.

Android 4.1 jelly bean

Notification system is one of the qualities of Android 4.1 Jelly bean. The notification can be easily updated in the screens of the drawer.