An overview on SEO

SEO is an initial used for Search engine optimization. SEO or Search engine optimization is a marketing tool that increases the traffic and the popularity of your website among the readers. SEO is an internet marketing tactic that sees into the works of the search engine as how it works, what kinds of searches are done and what kind of search engine are used in the process of finding something. SEO helps to promote the site in the worldwide web. SEO uses an algorithm in order to make the site appear on the search list of the browser. You need to plan the structure of your site according to the algorithm. The site should be organized and well structured for the SEO. Many web search engine such as Google, yahoo, MSN etc use SEO. Search engine optimization helps to design the webpage in a way that will be easily accessible by the reader.

Grow your business with SEO marketing

The marketing management tool SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps to increase the traffic of your website. There are number of techniques used to increase the traffic of a particular website. SEO marketing tool is used to control the search engine result of various web browsers. The bloggers and website developer needs to understand the algorithm in order to increase the popularity of a particular website. SEO helps to increase the traffic of a website by 60 %. It also decreases the load time of a website. Site visitors are enhanced effectively through this process.

SEO marketing tools

  • Content: The content is main thing in the SEO marketing. Keywords should be used in the content in order influence the search engine result. The web developer should decide on a keyword. It should be used Minimum 1% of total number of words of the article. For example: If it is a 500 words article, then the keywords should be used at least 4-5 times in the article.
  • Meta tags: Meta tags influences the search result of the search engine. Meta tag is a description which appears with the link. A compelling description may influence the user to click on the link. Therefore Meta tags have become an effective tool for increasing traffic of the website.
  • More links: The web developer should use more links within the website in order to gain the trust of the user. It will create a chain of information. Through the process, the user will be confirmed with the authenticity of the information described in the website.
  • Page ranks: SEO marketing technique influences the page rank of search engine. Higher ranking always mean increased level of traffic.
  • Place: Google uses name of the places to create the ranking of the websites. Therefore name of the place should be included in the content. It will help the website to get higher ranks.
  • Updates: New content should be added to the website on a regular basis in order to increase the rank of the website. It will also help to increase the traffic of website.
These are SEO marketing tool used to increase the traffic and popularity if the website. Most of the web developers in the world incorporate this technique in the websites.